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    TF2 Weapons & drops.


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    TF2 Weapons & drops.

    Post  Lizard on Wed Jun 03, 2009 8:29 pm

    Scout: Sandman (Bat) Force-A-Nature (Shotgun) and Bonk! Atomic Punch (Energy drink (Lunchbox))
    Heavy: Natascha (HMG) Sandvich (Sandwich (Lunchbox)) and The Killing Gloves of Boxing (Boxing Gloves)
    Medic: The Kritzkrieg (Medigun) Ubersaw (Saw) and The Blutsauger (Syringe Gun)
    Pyro: The Backburner (Flamethrower) Flare Gun (Flare Gun) and The Axtinguisher (Fire Axe)
    Spy: DeadRinger (Wloak/Watch) Cloak and Dagger (Cloak/Watch) and The Ambassador (Spy Pistol)
    Sniper: Jarate (Jar of Pee) Razorback (Shield) and The Huntsman (Bow& Arrows)
    Next update brings all helms!

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